BCC Startup Program

If you are a nascent entrepreneur wondering where to start what with respect to branding and marketing, then we are here to help. Every issue that you are facing, every dilemma that you have to deal with and every problem that may haunt you we have dealt with it all. With the “been there done that” experience we are looking to help emerging startup to instigate growth the right way through our marketing expertise and just that.

“We don’t Micromanage, we Mentor”

We are going to help you with the expertise we have gained with running the show and how to run it great. We’ll help you by creating your own marketing program for your budding business, de-treasure your USPs and walk you along very vital baby steps that go on to become the basement for a successful venture.

You can also avail perks of timely branding and marketing consultation along with services to create initial set of brand identities & assets that are crucial for a startup like logo, website.