Typography and Font Creation

We at BCC create typography / font to resonate your business better. It is advisable for all the corporate to follow a particular font style in all their business communication so that it becomes a brand standard.

On specific requirements we even develop a complete set of typography starting from A to Z fashioned in a desired way to convey the brand message in every letter with the same spirit.

We also develop specific font styles only for the brand logo.

5 Steps followed at BCC in Creation Typography

1. A Clearer Purpose

These Designing a typeface can be a long journey so it's prudent to have a clear vision of its purpose. The usual practice is to create a typeface in response to a brief. The brand values have to be crisply defined and the visual forms of the same have to be developed so that the typography carry the message across.

2. Serif Or San Serif

This is the bold decision you might have to take and it is easy as well if you have clearly understood the target market and your offerings better.

3. Developing Typography With Sketching

Use you pencil and art board to craft the typography and try developing all the letters from A-Z and check if all carry the same family identity, same balance and same style.

4. Moving To Computer

We adopt full tracing method and also redrawing in the digital form if required for all the letters and see how the common and most used Brand words appear.

5. Test It

We test the fully developed typography with proprietary testing mechanism so that blunders are avoided while taking it across to various mediums.