Techno Creative Products



Glak makes your display glass talk to your customers. it pulls your customers to your stores to find out more about the offerings. this technology can be used as a stand alone display in product shapes, logo shapes & product shape on glass, human shape and also as standard display name.



A-men is a brand dedicated to the effective utilization of Augumented reality for product learning and brand promotion. The different uses include –product augumentation when scanning the marketing literature thereby giving life to the print, product explainers on the usages, model study, brand games and much more.



Float uses the Levitation Technology thereby creating the illusion of product floating in the air. This instantly pulls attention as there is the no support on which the product is relying thereby creating curiosity to know more.



ELP uses the electro luminescent technology to power your brand promotion. This helps the brand message stand out clearly with very less electric power brightly well with programmable sequence. Use it in Tshirt, car, posters, glass displays or even helmets.



Interac uses gesture tracking platform with endless possibilities. Use this technology to create large Interactive Wall and Interactive Floor surfaces with projection or any other display technology. Use it to project brand game, corporate presentation or brand story.



HOLO leverages on holographic display technology that utilizes light diffraction to create a virtual three-dimensional image of an object. Holographic displays are unique from other forms of 3D imaging in that they do not require the aid of any special glasses or external equipment for a viewer to see the image.