Press Kit

10 Essentials of a Press Kit recommended by BCC

1. The Pitch Letter

(a). A brief outline of the story and why it is important to get covered (That which is for a cause with the greater good catches the media attention. The cause has to be genuine and compelling – Highlight it)

(b). Let them know you are available for follow-up interviews and questions after the meet.

(c). Personal contact information ( a biz card)

(d). Table of contents of the items enclosed

2. Company Information

(a). Brief & Detailed company profile

(b). Milestone Chart

(c). Awards & Achievements

(d). Vision & Mission

(e). Associations / Accreditations / Exclusive memberships / Recognitions.

(f). CSR ( Non-profit or community service involvement)

(g). Profile of Directors with photos ( bio sheets, if appropriate)

3. Online Presence

(a). Detailed description of the product / service

(b). How this is revolutionary or different or what's the story (fact sheet / white papers /brochures)

(c). Testimonials from celebs / respected organizations

(d). How it has been valuable to people

(e). Also encourage editor to write his own review.

4. Consumer Forums

The media will start looking for information from online sources like your website, facebook, youtube channel and twitter to pick up information about you and your story. Make your online presence neat and credible. (Beware of negative remarks about your company in consumer forums)

5. Recent / Old Press Coverage

(a). Copies of recent press coverage (credible impact) – printouts / weblinks (what other media has covered will be of interest to current media targets)

(b). Speeches / Interviews / Short Audios & Videos covered in Media

6. Actual Press Release Material

(a). In article type with Headline

(b). Short story line in 2-3 lines

(c). Detailed story in paragraphs with individual headings(Some editors will even print it verbatim if they find the material to be good and if they don't have time to edit it or to fill space)

(d). The press release material has to be translated in the target publication languages with relevant photos attached.

7. Industry Overview

(a). What's happening in the industry currently (statistics, demographics & target consumer behaviour) with investor-related news.

(b). How this product / service can be a game changer.

8. List Of FAQs

This helps the editor determine what questions to ask you in an interview or what to include in the article. So that some basic questions are avoided.

9. Other Essentials

(i) Upcoming Company Events that are pertinent to the story

(ii) Company Logo in vector format with usage guideline

(iii) Event Flow Sheet

(iv) Folder

(v) Pen

(vi) Notepad

(vii) VCD containing press release material in easy to reproduce format with relevant font

(viii) Sample product / special offer to use the service

(ix) Gift

(x) A bag to carry it

10. Make It Reach Them

(a). Make the hard copy of the press kit reach the media offices of those who were not present.

(b). Also mail the content to all the media publications who were present and also those who could not make it which will act as a ready reference and allow them to download the kit from your website with a thank you letter right after the meet.

(c). Make it easily available online for download (visible in the homepage), as the news spreads other publications may want to cover it and they will visit your website for the information download.