Pamphlet / Flyer / Leaflet Design

A promotion is incomplete without a pamphlet / leaflet /flyer – all mean the same with minor differences but all are used for the same purpose – the purpose is to communicate the short term offer based sale or information about the product / service.

The word 'flyer' is used mainly for offer based limited period campaigns or to announce a store launch date which is very near, the nature of the message has to reach the target audience quickly for appropriate action (so the message has to fly) hence they are called flyers whereas the word pamphlet and leaflet can be used for both information oriented short messages or a limited period offer.

Types of Pamphlet / Flyer / Leaflet Design

1. Services / Product Descriptor Pamphlet / Leaflet

These Pamphlets / Leaflets are designed to give a brief outline about the products and services offered and creating interest around it without discussing in detail and requesting an immediate call for action which is in the form of store visit or call.

2. New Product / Service Launch Pamphlet / Flyer / Leaflet

These Pamphlets / Flyers / Leaflets are designed to launch a new product in the market, create curiosity about the product and drive traffic to the store or generate calls for more info.

3. Offer Pamphlet / Flyer / Leaflet

These are the common forms of Pamphlets / Flyers / Leaflets which carry the offer message which are time bound and readers are expected to act within the short period by either calling to order the product / visit the website to order / store visit.

3 Essentials recommended at BCC for creating sales driven Pamphlets / Flyers / Leaflets

1. Keep The Message Short & Action Oriented

The message should carry a catchy headline and we always advocate the message to be clear, direct and more revealing instead of beating around the bush.

2. Avoid Unwanted Creative Gymnastics

Most of the times the prospective client is reading your leaflet / pamphlet / flyer and he is unable to relate his needs to it. Have you ever felt it? Yes that is due to the visuals and content which are not directly talking about your product and some also use unwanted creative approach expecting readers to self discover the message. Effective use of well practiced creativity on the other hand will sell the product immediately.

3. Contact Information

This is quite essential for store promotions, the hard rules are as follows

(A) Mobile Nos.

Get better response than the land line nos. because people assume that they will get quicker response through a mobile no. than a toll free no. (nowadays you get call mapping facility, you can create a virtual number and map the calls to any many nos.)

(B) QR Code / Location Map

Leaflet promos happen mainly for stores in and around that region, it is quite essential to make people aware of your store location – many a times people see the leaflet, they have need, they also see your store but do not relate you to your leaflet communication – for them the leaflet is from a different store from somewhere and what you do they don't know.

(C) Online Presence Has To Be Highlighted

Everyone carries a mobile and most of them have access to internet – if they are interested they will want to explore your website, social media accounts to understand what you are up to. Imagine you are running a cake shop and your prospective client wants to know more about you and he knows you have a fb page and he sees your recent post with some cake pics which are very beautiful and he also knows it was the birthday party at his neighbors residence where these pics have been taken (neighbour's envy). You have very clear given him product details with beautiful pics and a clear product testimonial.

"By following the hard rules of contact information and carrying a compelling message – a leaflet will make your prospective clients make the next move."