Logo and Brand Identity

8 Qualities of a Perfect Logo (Brand Identity)

1. A Perfect Logo Is One Which Helps Your Prospective Buyers Read Your Brand Name Without Ambiguity.

2. A Perfect Logo Helps To Relate Your Business / Values.

3. A Perfect Logo Looks Unique, Inspires Confidence, Increases Trust With Your Customers And Motivates Your Employees.

4. A Perfect Logo Conveys The Maximum Information In The Simplest Form With Right Typography And Design.

5. A Perfect Logo Avoids Design Gymnastics And Also Avoids Typography Which Despite Being Beautiful Does Not Resonate Business.

6. A Perfect Logo Starts A Conversation With Your Prospective Buyers Even Before You Do.

7. A Perfect Logo Gets The Desired Response And Attention When It Asks / Presents Something In Ads / Presentations.

8. A Perfect Logo Gets Its Due Recognition And Respect In 3 Seconds When Someone Sees It.

"Do you have a perfect logo for your brand? "

Logo Designing Process Adopted at BCC

1. Client Brief

Anything opposite to the client's brief can't be a good logo at last the client has to like it and feel confident about and live with it, only then the success is assured. At times we also educate our clients about the right approach to logo when they are clear about their logo and most of the times believe me the clients are not adamant, they listen. The brief should consist of what their business is all about, their value system in business ( this is the key differentiating factor especially in me too brands) and the overall impression they wish to create about their business through this logo.

2. Research

We do extensive research. The research will consist of understanding the client's business clearly well and crisply defining what it is, reading the testimonials of client's customers which can spark brilliant ideas which even client may not be aware of, competitor research to understand with what kind of visual communications the competitors are engaging the customers.

3. Sketch

After the research, we get a clear idea about which areas to focus, what can be represented in typography and what can be represented with a symbol / mnemonic and how the overall feel can be. Should the logo really be a typography based one like Google, Coca cola, Armani or it should feature a symbol like McDonalds, Adidas, Mercedes. Through sketching the logo comes out in its unique form.

4. Designing

Once the sketch gives an overall impression, now is the time for the computer to help. We use Coreldraw, Adobe Illustrator and at times Photoshop for creating logos. The sketch gets scanned and converted into a digital form. The logo is finetuned so that it is easy to represent it in various mediums, colors are added and variations for the same are developed.

5. Critical Analysis

At times the logo after all the above process may deviate from the purpose a critical analysis from the Brand Strategist in our agency helps us stay on the track and direct the designing if there is any deviation to fulfill it.

6. Logo Stationery

Once the logo is perfectly designed which we will know the moment it is fully crafted after several finetunning, we develop the brand stationery like business card, letter head, badges, cd covers ..etc to understand the effect of the logo on all these mediums.

7. Brand Standard Manual

Once the logo is freezed we develop a Brand Standard Manual (BSM) which is the bible for the logo. BSM clearly lists out the do's and don'ts with the logo, the RGB, CMYK & Pantone color codes of the logo, the meaning of the logo, the meaning of the colors used in the logo and how it it appropriate for the business, what is the minimum size in which the logo can be produced, what is the single color variation of the logo and how it can be used on metal / glass surface for branding and lot more.

"The best process to Craft a perfect logo."