India’s First Virtual Projection of Dr APJ.Abdul Kalam at DEFEXPO 2018, Chennai

We at BCC Marcom feel extremely elated and proud about our recent work for the Defense research and development organization fondly called DRDO. Our production team at BCC Marcom is constantly waiting for an opportunity to exhibit their capabilities and experiment with ideas, one such opportunity was Defexpo 2018 by DRDO.

In Defexpo2018 we have put our expertise and skillfulness in Virtual Projection Technology out there, we displayed a virtual projection of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam which has become a major crowd puller and has set a new benchmark for us with respect to client satisfaction.

Our journey with DRDO professionals has been a creatively challenging one, as we had to deal with intensive technicalities involving heavy machines and convert them into appealing display content that could attract anyone from a layman to a doyen in the department of defense.

We worked in close vicinity with the officials of DRDO to understand their requirement and provide our best service.

In order to provide something that will make jaws drop and serve the purpose at its best, we brought virtual reality into play. The officials were equally excited to see our virtual projection idea coming to life. We believe that the right amalgamation of technically sound inputs and contextually influenced creativity will make any project a successful one.

The use of cutting edge tools in advertising has constantly facilitated us to materialise our innovative itch. The production involved three layers of sheer technical brilliance and carefully curated creative work. We did not stop with the animation, we brought back our missile man to life and we added a tinge of eye and lip movement for making the virtual projection more of a reality.

As a part of making our projects more of a meaningful experience for people we added a speech audio in his voice (through a voice over artist) about the Defexpo and DRDO. Hearing Dr.Abdul Kalam live has been a dream for many; hopefully through our projection we have made this a reality for them.

"The quality of constantly working hard to level up out extent of creativity and commitment towards any project has made us stand tall with the missile man!"