Emailer Design

In today's digital driven marketing effective mailers have proved to be the effective salesmen. If you are given the only marketing activity to bring sales then effective emailers are your only option.

Types of Emailer Designs

1. Services / Product Descriptor Emailers

These emailers are designed to give a brief outline about the organization with brief mention about the products and services offered.

2. New Product / Service Launch Emailers

These emailer are designed to launch a new product in the market, create curiosity about the product and drive traffic to the website for registering and getting more information about the product.

3. Offer Emailers

These are the common form of emailers which carry the offer message with promo code – with immediate call for action.

5 Essentials recommended at BCC for creating sales driven emailers

1. HTML Based

In our so many number of emailing campaigns what we understood is that HTML based multi button / multi offering emailers are more effective than JPEG based emailers.

2. Hyperlink To Customized Page

When someone clicks on the emailer buttons it should land in a customized web page to talks about the product / service / offer further. Those who are serious only will click to know more information about your offering they should not be disappointed by making them land to the home page of your website which has all details but nothing specific to the offering.

3. Button Is a Must

Minimum one and maximum 2-3 buttons are essential for an emailer. An emailer with 2 – 3 buttons is proved to have better engagement than an emailer with no button.

4. Immediate Call For Action

The advertising communication (design & copy) in the emailer has to be gripping enough for the prospective buyer t immediately call or click to know more.

5. Use A Robust Emailing Software

Yes, if you wish to measure the results of all your email campaigns then you must use a robust emailing software to understand which kind of emailer drives more sales.

6. Awards, Accolades, Accreditations & Certifications

Awards, Accolades, Accreditations & Certifications, Photos of the awards, recognitions, logos of accreditations, photos of certificates should find a mention with a brief description which goes a long way to increase your credibility.

7. Clients

Displaying a list of your client's logo has a very positive impact on the readers. It tells how you have won the confidence of the big brands some of whom they aspire. Knowing that you have also helped their competitors, it will help them know that you are competent enough to handle their business category better.

8. CSR

Every brand in one way or the way does participate in the social cause. But for a corporate it is essential to participate in a CSR which is related to the category. For eg . a Stock broker can educate people about Financial Literacy.