Easy to Install eye Catching Holographic Led Fan Display

D42 - 3D Holographic Projector

The Holographic Fan is a latest and most striking technological advancement that has entered the advertising arena. The Holographic fan reproduces a 3D free floating image or video that is pre-fed. The highly quality image produced is too visually attractive which can bring numerous innovative advertising ideas into life.

The construction of the product is easily understandable and gaining mastery over its operation is no herculean task. The product has a 42cm fan with high spin and 244 lamp beads working in coordination for clear and attractive display of the content fed in. It uses persistence of visual technology and LED rotation tomography to reproduce the content.

Its cost effectiveness and unique features makes it worthwhile for effective advertising displays.

  • High resolution Led display
  • Looks like floating in the air
  • Power Efficient
  • Plug and Play display
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Salient Features

  • The image is produced in 3D Holographic effect, LED Resolution(pixel) 450*224.
  • Free Floating display gives an optical illusion of reality for the spectators.
  • The image produced does not have any harsh borderlines.
  • It does not compromise on the original colour.
  • Enhances the effect for better retention of human eye.
  • Easily installable.
  • The images in any format (png,jpg,gif,ect) can be imported.
  • Content can be updated by SD Card or remote access via WIFI.
  • Comes with a controller to remotely control the display.
  • Operation of the product from plugging on to playing takes as less as 5 minutes.


Plug and Play: The product can be readily used with just 3 steps of operation. It does not involve complicated steps or preparations to effectively bring out the display.

Easy to install: The Holographic fan does not have any specific process of installation. The content has to be previously fed in through the SD card.

Light-weight: The product is approximately 1.5 KG. Well packaged and easily portable.

3D Holographic Effect: The image reproduced does not compromise on the original colour of the image, rather enhances the visual experience of the content.

Laser Projection: The projected image is visible from a huge distance and visually appealing with high quality and effect