Corporate Brochure Design

Corporate brochure design sets the tone about your company and the kind of response you wish to receive from your prospective customers. Customers consciously and sub consciously evaluate your company a lot as they read your corporate brochure.

A corporate brochure lands into your prospective buyers / stakeholder's hand after your first meeting. Here is where he puts some efforts to understand who you are, what you do and how you can help him.

A corporate brochure is directed at gaining confidence from the customers, stakeholders, employees and financial institutions.

What is the importance of a Corporate Brochure?

1. It Sets The Tone

A corporate brochure clearly sets the tone about the brand standards. Being an exhaustive document of min 4 pages and max 24 -36 it covers quite a lot of information about the brand.

2. It Reveals All Those Details Which Is Usually Missed In Our Sales Pitch

Yes, during the sales pitch we forget to mention all the goodness we carry as a brand. Our strength can be the no. of clients we have helped, more importantly no. of clients in the similar category of our prospective buyer we have helped which further enhances the confidence of the prospective customer on your company.

3. It Shows The Largeness Of The Company

Many a time the executive tend to undersell due to the limited trainings and know how about the brand they are working for. In such cases corporate brochure rescues the brand image.

9 Essentials recommended for an effective Corporate Brochure

1. Profile

It should clearly define the nature of business, the year when you started and how you have grown over the years – a brief brand success story in 250 beautifully crafted words will win the confidence of your readers.

2. Vision & Mission

Vision is about what the company has achieve or be known for in the next quinquennium or decade.
Mission is about the efforts taken by the company each day to achieve the long term goal.

3. Value System

It is about the ethics and values the brand is nurturing within the organization which is contributing to its success.

4. USP

How unique is your product or service is. Here we should clearly quantify the quality for desired impact. For eg. 10 ways how this product can help you.

5. Products and Services

The products and services have to described leaving no room for ambiguity. Pictures have be used for better understanding. Incase of services they have to be packaged in a neat style with clear set of offerings.

6. Awards, Accolades, Accreditations & Certifications

Awards, Accolades, Accreditations & Certifications, Photos of the awards, recognitions, logos of accreditations, photos of certificates should find a mention with a brief description which goes a long way to increase your credibility.

7. Clients

Displaying a list of your client's logo has a very positive impact on the readers. It tells how you have won the confidence of the big brands some of whom they aspire. Knowing that you have also helped their competitors, it will help them know that you are competent enough to handle their business category better.

8. CSR

Every brand in one way or the way does participate in the social cause. But for a corporate it is essential to participate in a CSR which is related to the category. For eg . a Stock broker can educate people about Financial Literacy.

9. Contact Information

Full company, Address, Telephone nos., Email Id and Website. QR code with link to Corporate Video