Brand Stationery

You would have felt this all the time and may be you didn't gave a thought to it, whenever you gave your business card to your prospective customer what is the comment you would have heard after your prospective customer takes a few seconds to read your card and respond.

His comments will be about something that looks unique in your card which can be the card shape, your logo, your tagline, your business description ( if he has a requirement for it)..etc.

Business card is the most effective tool to sell what you offer, if it is crafted perfectly you may not need another sales tool and floor will be open for a direct product pitch.

So, a biz card talks a lot about your brand, it creates a positive impression with your prospective customers the moment they see it. The same is true with other brand stationery.

10 must have Brand Stationeries for your business

1. Biz Cards

2. Letterheads

3. Envelope

4. Pens/Pencils

5. Badge

6. Id Card

7. Sign Board

8. CD Cover

9. Files

10. Notebook

5 Essentials recommended at BCC to Build effective Brand Stationery

1. Brand Design Element

We make sure the brand design element gets due importance in all the stationery. The brand design element is the design element which gets picked from the brand logo for subliminal branding across all the brand stationery.

2. Brand Template

We at BCC, make sure the brand template is consistently adapted as per the various sizes of the stationery with due consideration on the final outcome after printing so that it as effective in one stationery like the other. The brand template becomes the visual language of the brand which can be consistently seen in all the brand stationery.

3. Business Description

It always pays and opens the door for sales to carry a clear, crisp & effective business description in all your stationery. The business description should carry only your core expertise.

4. Brand Logo

Yes, logo is a must but all the above are quite essential to decide the placement of the logo in the brand stationery so that the brand logo gets its due importance as it is the Hero of the Story.