Indian Oil Branding & Promotion Guide



Pit Stop

This is the first of akind Car-care facility adapted exclusively in chennai. The Pit-Stop offers care customers in petrol bunks faster service and facilities. Yhis idea became very successful and is now in proposal for implementation throughout India.

Type 1-Bigger Outlets

Type 2-Medium Outlets

Type 3-Smaller Outlets



Flag Banner System

Flag Banners are great for brand visibiliy. The ability to customize the designs and the comparatively lesser advertising cost make flag banners one of the cost-effective solutions for advertising




Inflatable IOCL Boy

This brand mascot is tailor-made specifically for IOCL to strike a happy chord with the customers. The IOCL boy is warm, cheerful and a great crowd puller.




Human Billboards

The chief advantages of human bill boards are that they can be position on abusy street near your business. This can lead potential customers right is sight of your product/services. They are adaptable and motion attracts attention.




Eco-friendly Fabric Displays

Eco-Friendly Fabric Displays - These are Innovative solutions which are highly durable and of high quality. They act as storm breakers-They are stable and less phone to falling down. They offer view from both sides.





Price Display Board

To accord with the Government rules of price display on all standard bunks, price display boards are effective. They are designed such that daily price changes can be altered and recorded.





Inflatable Advertising

These colorful inflatable balloons provide friendly yet dynamic brand awareness. They help attain maximum visual exposure to people at events and promotions





Fill & Fun Event

Fill and Fun events are organized on major festive occasions to engage the crowd with fun elements and provide them delighted service




Tree Branding

An environment conscious branding effort-concurrently, the trees can be preserved and also used for communications in an effective way




Drive Safe. Life Safe.



Outdoor Promotions

High Master Signage & Totem

Signage & LED Lighting


Turnkey Contracting


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